Wynn Bullock and the use of Symbolism in Photography

Wynn Bullock was born Apr 18 1902, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Wynn Bullock consecrated the major live part to the universal photographic knowledge of nature and of relationships stabled between nature and humans. He opened the doors of abstract art and the use of symbolism. Bullock felt that his photographs were more than surface reflections, that they portrayed the interaction of “space and time” defined by light.
But before that, he started his life as a concert tenor. While studying music in Paris he started to be attracted into visual arts.

Wynn Bullock

Cover of the Book “Wynn Bullock: Master of Photography”

Wynn Bullock

Since 1938 he seriously began to study photography. From 1946-1967, Bullock worked as a commercial photographer. In 1957, Bullock won a medal from the Salon of International Photography. After that, he was recognized by the Professional Photographers Association of California.
After his commercial photography period, he dedicated himself to the philosophical meaning of images for what his became famous soon enough. About the same time he started teaching photography and never left this job until he died in 1975.

Wynn Bullock Wynn Bullock Wynn Bullock

Bullock‘s work is included in the Family of Man exhibition, and in the following collections: the Museum of Modern Art, George Eastman House, the Whitney Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, ICP in New York, the Royal Photographic Society of London and in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The “Family of Man” is a vast exhibition consisting of over 500 photos that depicted life, love and death in 68 countries.
From his Book (Wynn Bullock: Master of Photography): “The penetrating, enigmatic, and almost mystical nature of his images is accomplished through formal beauty matched with provocative imagery. Bullock wanted to jolt people to new heights of visual and self-awareness by encouraging them to relate to nature directly, unencumbered by traditional modes of visual and abstract thinking. His dramatic photographs have been characterized as showing the inner essence of nature, powerfully reflecting its mysterious beauty on a level extending beyond the everyday.”

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